Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you have a special someone to celebrate it with, you’re probably already busy thinking up all the things you could do with your loved one on that special day.  For those who are planning on getting married on or around this day, the excitement can be overwhelming! Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot on the day that symbolizes love itself? Just think, a classic and elegant David Tutera  wedding dress complemented by Dessy bridesmaid dresses in flame red, doesn’t it just epitomise Valentine day romance? There are also many more great reasons for you to theme your big day around the holiday for lovers and if you’re still wondering why you should, these reasons just might get you to do it.

Who Could Forget?

One of the biggest problems majority of married couples face is the forgetting the anniversary. You’ll want to choose a date that you and your partner will remember for years to come. When Valentine’s Day starts hovering over our calendars, you can expect stores, newspapers, and even online resources to remodel and redecorate themselves according to the coming season. These will serve as an instant reminder for your spouse (and for you!) so you can steer clear of those last-minute gift buying sprees.


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Someone for Everyone

What’s nice about a Valentine’s Day themed wedding is that you can plan it so that no one gets the feeling that they’re alone. Use the theme of the day to your advantage and pair each of your guests up with someone to keep them company. For married couples, keep them together. For those who are single, find someone on your guest list that you think they’d get along with. It doesn’t have to be a romantic thing.  Just someone to keep them company and to highlight the benefits of having someone with you. Make sure these couples stay together throughout all the games and the program!

Easy Treats

Red velvet cake? Heart-shaped sugar cookies? Count us in! Another great reason why you should consider throwing a Valentine’s Day themed wedding party is to make it easy to plan what treats you plan to serve. Desserts should be easy! You really can’t go wrong with a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. For your main course, choose something, well, hearty! A hefty serving of red sauce pasta with fresh, whole cherry tomatoes should do just the trick and send everyone falling in love with your food.