Your wedding day is the one day where you want to look your best. You take the time to make sure that your makeup is flawless and your hairstyle is stunning, but you also need to take the time to consider what you where under your dress. Not only do you want a beautiful wedding dress that stuns, but you also want to have beautiful underwear underneath. Finding just the right undergarments that can be both stylish and functional for your wedding day is not always easy. As many wedding gowns have plunging necklines and tight fittings you need to make sure that you have undergarments that don’t distract from your bridal look.

What Type of Wedding Dress Are You Wearing?

When you are choosing what to wear under your wedding dress what you need to consider most is the fit and style of your wedding dress. This means that the wedding dress that you pick will dictate what you choose to wear under it. There will be the right type of undergarment for each style of wedding dress you just need to know what is the right match.

Plunging Neckline

A popular wedding dress style among brides is a plunging neckline. This is a style that is chic, but also a bit sexy. If you are wearing a dress that has a deep neckline, you need to make sure that you are wearing underwear that does not interfere with the neckline. This means that you need a specific type of bra and it is best to go with a bra that has a special cut out in the front. These types of bras are made to be worn with wedding dresses that have a plunging neckline. This is a bra that will not be seen, but it will still give you the extra support that you will need on your wedding day. It is best to choose one of these cut out bras that is designed as a body suit to make sure that even with the deep cut everything stays in place no matter how you move.


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If you are one of the many brides that chooses to wear a wedding dress that is a tightly fitted and clings to your tummy area, you may want to ensure that you invest in some Shapewear before going down the aisle. Shapewear is specifically designed to be worn with tight fitting dresses. You may feel that your tummy is a trouble area when wearing a tight fitting dress but you can smooth everything out and suck everything in with Shapewear. You can find one that comes with a bottom thong to give you even more support and make sure that it stays in place.

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One of the traditional wedding gown styles is the strapless look. If you are going to wear a wedding dress that is strapless, you need to make sure that you are wearing a bra that is strapless. It is not always easy to find a great strapless bra that also offers the support you need. A bra that is attached to a corset is the perfect solution when you are looking for a strapless bra that you can wear underneath your strapless wedding gown. This is a bra that gets support from your waist to make sure that there is no slippage. This means that you can wear your gown without worrying that your strapless bra will fall out of place. If you are wearing one that is attached to a corset, you can be confident that it will not move all day long.

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Back Area

If you are one of the many women that deal with back bulge, it is possible to smooth out your back and enhance your entire look by wearing an upper body undergarment that is designed to smooth out your back area. You can even find this type of Shapewear in a dress style that will go on discretely under your wedding dress.


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No matter what type of wedding dress you have chosen for your special day, it is always possible to find the perfect undergarment that will be unnoticeable, but will also give you the support that you need to look and feel your best, plus make you feel confident in your beautiful gown.  For further advice and guidance do not hesitate to contact the team at Fairytale Brides who are on hand to assist you in putting together your bridal look.