If you’re musing on a wedding this 2020, you can either go for 2 things. You can follow the trend or you can set your own. The wedding dress is an extremely important and main aspect of your wedding plans. Whether you follow the tide or set your own, you can visit boutiques of experienced designers like Fairytale Brides to easily help you with choices of wear. Read on for more about wedding dresses and other 2020 wedding trends below.


Proposal ; Engagement

With 2020 being a leap your, the trend is brewing up for women’s proposals. This leap year tradition remains alive and in play. So expect vloggers uploading proposal videos with women at the helm. Share in the emotional moments as “heroines” propose. You may even get some tips when they document the wedding planning and all.

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Wedding dress

Designers such as Justin Alexander and Hayley Paige know that 2020 is the year for ‘princess’ dresses. You may find photos of feminine and dramatic wedding gowns. Expect long trains and big skirts to go with that. Veils might probably be elaborate and long (cathedral length). High necklines may be in for the year.

What about accessories? Think classy yet edgy. Bejeweled headbands, embroidery with a unique design or personal message. Leather jackets and pastel-dyed hair. Why not a tattoo reveal!

Strapless pieces are still out. Brides have been loving elaborate shoulders and detailed sleeves that follow a clean and timeless design. Regal style dresses may be a continuing theme. You might see plenty of tulles.


A second wedding dress!

The trend has changed for the alternate wear, after-wedding wear, or reception wear. Then, brides only had to worry about wowing with a bridal gown. Now, they have to pay attention to what they are going to have as reception wear. Having a second wedding dress is the trend. With the Duchess of Sussex’s popular reception dress, many brides are putting more thought into what they’ll wear for the reception.

Sleeker dress styles are in and may continue to 2020. Transformation gowns are still in, meaning, some pre-fixed alterations, detachments, attachments, and the like, transform the wedding gown into a totally new piece.



Wedding flowers

The trend for wedding flowers is leaning towards more relaxed and informal bouquets. Expect to see some roughness around the edge for that natural look. An overflow of botanicals. Why not leafy greens for foliage? Yes, these may well replace the traditional rose bouquet for 2020 weddings, especially with sustainability drives gaining ground even among weddings. Big colors are in as a refreshing change from the dusty and muted blush tones of 2019. Your eyes may see more fuchsias and hot pinks in stores as you choose your bouquet materials.

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Wedding food

The trend for wedding food will likely continue with vegan, organic, and free-form. There’s a steady growth in veganism and vegetarianism, even among the millennials especially. So even if the groom and bride aren’t into it, they often have to provide for that kind of crowd. So definitely, yes, a more dietary conscious wedding menu is on the horizon for 2020.

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