If you are planning your wedding, you are probably wondering what the top wedding trends in 2022 are going to be – so let’s look at what is going to be fashionable, fun, and memorable in the coming year. What should you do for your wedding in 2022?

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Budget-Friendly Wedding Dresses

You might have dreamed of the best and most beautiful wedding dress in the world, but if you are struggling with the price for an item you are only going to wear once, where does that leave you?

Do you have to give up on your dream fairytale ballgown?

No, you don’t! With a variety of designers offering budget labels, you can find a wedding dress that suits your budget needs. A lot of people are moving in this direction, as a more eco-friendly and financially sensible option for getting a wedding dress.


Sober Weddings

What drinks are you thinking of serving? Are they all alcohol-based? Champagne, wine, and fancy cocktails are the bread and butter of many weddings, but this trend is changing fast.

A lot of weddings are now serving mocktails and sparkling non-alcohol drinks as an alternative to alcohol. This is a great way to make your day more memorable and avoid drama. Who wants angry, tearful, or aggressive drunken guests at their wedding?

Cut out all the fuss by changing up your drinks menu and going low alcohol or even no alcohol.


Natural Color

Another popular trend in weddings is the use of natural colours. If you are keen on neutral and earthy colours, you’re in luck, because many other brides and grooms are being inspired by Mother Nature and letting this inspiration seep into their wedding approach.

Whether you want terracotta pots on the tables, leaf-shaped name cards, sprigs of flowers weaving over the doors, or dried flower confetti, there is plenty of space to bring the natural world into your wedding and make it thoroughly beautiful at the same time.

Pink and purple, rich greens, tropical ocean blues, and vibrant orange will make your wedding bright and beautiful, getting the colours to pop against your more natural hues. Make careful use of a few, rather than a lot, for the best effect.


Weddings in 2022 are going to be an amazing blend of eco-friendliness and natural beauty. 

Making your wedding kind to the planet is definitely on-trend, so choose some rustic options and make the most of second hand or repurposed items for a fun, unique, and beautiful look. Why not take a look at some wedding dress inspiration from Fairytale brides that is sure to inspire your 2022 wedding.