Your wedding might be the biggest day of your life – and you will want to ensure you have beautiful photographs taken to capture your wedding day memories for years to come. Although some choose to believe that snapping a few images here and there during a wedding event is enough to make the memories last a lifetime, there is actually a lot more to wedding photography than many people realise.  As a bride (or groom), it’s essential that you ensure every last detail of your big day gets quality camera exposure.

Among the most significant, and probably the most beautiful (second to the bride, of course), details of your wedding is the wedding gown.  More than just a pretty dress, the wedding gown is the focus by which all the other details and decorations are arranged to complement.

Take beautiful pictures of the blushing bride’s gown and capture those memories of your wedding day for years to come with these top four ideas for wedding dress photos.


It’s In the Details

From a distance it may seem that the majority of wedding gowns look the same. However, the beauty in many wedding gowns are designed to be appreciated up-close, ensure that your photos get all of those beautiful details that sets your gown apart from the rest. Focus on the beads, the lace, or even the artful stitches. You might not remember all of these little things in the future so capture them while you can.

Hayley Paige Leighton


Before the Bride

A common practice among wedding photographers is to take a photo of the bridal gown before it’s slipped onto the bride. You may wonder why this has become a wedding photo favourite. This picture signifies the last few moments before two become one, bottling up all the excitement into one subtle photo.


During Preparations

There is just something about seeing a bride in her gown, as she gets ready to walk down the aisle that signifies the emotions and excitement of the day. Capturing the excitement etched across her face during this moment is a priceless.

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The Train

Whether it’s an elaborate train that falls gracefully behind you as you take your first strides, or an intricate veil that elegantly falls across your face, it’s always worth getting shots of these angels. Take a few steps to allow it to stretch at full length behind you or give your best glance as you peer through your veil.



Of course, to take a good photo of a wedding dress, you have to have a beautiful gown. At Fairytale Brides, you will find some of the most beautiful gowns from the most famous designers in the UK.