The beginning of 2022 brings a new year of weddings, accompanied by new wedding trends. 

Many of these trends take into account the current climate with the pandemic and unique ways to make weddings manageable with restrictions. Let’s review some of the biggest incoming wedding trends for 2022. 


1. Outdoor Weddings 

With mask restrictions and airflow concerns, outdoor weddings are continuing to be increasingly common. Many couples are opting for outdoor weddings to get around restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In addition, many of these settings provide a great natural setting for a romantic ceremony. 


2. Greenery and Dried Flowers

Speaking of that natural look, wedding trends are moving toward more natural greenery for decor and dried flowers. Expect to see an increase in greenery such as ivy and vines used as ceremony decorations and more dried flowers used in bouquets and throughout the wedding space. 

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3. DIY Decor 

Although the use of do-it-yourself decor has always been common for weddings in order to reduce costs, it’s becoming an even more common trend. This is due to many shortages from the pandemic. Many couples are opting to DIY many decor pieces and wedding staples to solve this predicament. 

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4. Intimate Weddings 

Due to pandemic restrictions and concerns, combined with rising wedding costs, more couples are opting to have more intimate ceremonies. In addition, some ceremony sites have restrictions on how many people can attend, which may also contribute to an increased amount of intimate weddings in 2022. 


5. Remote Weddings 

Speaking of intimate weddings, there has been a definite increase in remote weddings. Due to the restrictions and increased uncertainty, many couples are choosing to rely on having their ceremony remotely using a platform like a zoom. This also allows for family members around the world to attend and for quality footage easily recorded. 


6. Destination Weddings

Another option that many couples are looking at to cope with pandemic restrictions is to opt for a destination wedding. many couples are opting to tie the knot in destinations with fewer restrictions. Although more expensive, it can be a good option for couples who are able to commit to the cost.


7. Increased Technology 

As our world continues to be more immersed in technology, expect increased technological trends in wedding ceremonies. From drones to technological portraits, and advanced lighting, there are many trends that will be common in 2022 weddings.