Whether you want a more classic design, or if you’re interested in some of the 2020 spring wedding dress trends that are gaining momentum, we have you covered. Spring has a special significance in general for weddings. For many, it refers to the concepts of rebirth and renewal, of the world exploding in a new cavalcade of brightness, energy and colours.

Weddings occur all throughout the year. However, for many reasons, spring carries a singular appeal. This is a fact that unquestionably influences the variety of spring 2020 wedding dress trends.



Our Favourite 2020 Spring Wedding Dress Trends

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite trends for the upcoming spring:


  • All-over crochet lace: There is an element of versatility to this trend which really appeals to us. From long-sleeved gowns, to appealing high-neck possibilities, the all-over crochet lace can appeal to almost any sensibility. Justin Alexander does this particular well!
  • Bridal jumpsuits and trains, together at last: Bridal jumpsuits have really come into their own in recent times. It was really only a matter of time before someone found appealing ways to meet this enduringly popular trend with the beloved wedding gown train. The best part is that designers are proving the train can work well with many different types of bridal jumpsuits.
  • The return of vintage Hollywood sophistication: From Veronica Lake, to Marilyn Monroe, to legendary Hollywood names like Lauren Bacall and Jane Russell, there is always going to be something about classic Hollywood that appeals to us. In particular, we have seen some lovely designs to this end by such names as Hayley Paige and Justin Alexander Signature.
  • A renaissance for renaissance romance: Sleeves is an essential part of making a dramatic statement with a wedding dress. The rise in renaissance-inspired designs will show you this in no uncertain terms. There is something boldly romantic about this trend.
  • Love those high-low hemlines! You can find examples of high-low asymmetrical hemline designs in a number of different wedding dresses. This spring 2020 wedding trend takes that thought in an interesting direction. Francesca Miranda is just one designer who has some interesting ideas for high-low hemlines in their collection.
  • 70’s glamor: Bianca Jagger’s legendary smoking jacket, which she wore during her 1971 wedding to Mick Jagger, has been a design inspiration for quite some time.