On your big day you want to look your best. By getting your hairdo just right, you can be the belle of your ball. As you can imagine, popular hairdos for wedding change nearly every year. 2015 has been no different. Here, we will tell you about a few of the most popular wedding hair options for this year. Choose from this list and you are sure to look fantastic on your wedding day.

The Accessories Have It

We are seeing a ton of accessories added to up-dos. One of our favorite trends is that of fresh flowers added to the hair. Add these to your ponytail, down ‘do, messy bun, or sleek hairdo. Add in flowers at the nape of the neck. Or place them just behind the ears. They even look great on the crown of your head. Flowers allow you to add just a pop of color to your wedding outfit. Want something less colorful and loud? Then thin about adding in a few pearls for good measure.

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Bold, Beautiful Braids

Braids are a wonderfully versatile hairstyle. Even on your wedding day, you can easily make your braids you own. It seems that this year, asymmetrical braids are among the most popular. Try placing a braid at the back of your head and slightly to the side. Add metallic accessories or pearls if you would like. Another huge trend is that of braids that frame the face. Or even those that run alongside the head, just behind the temples. Try a fishtail braid that frames your face. You can even create a very long braid that then gather it (like a bun) on your head.

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Daring Headbands and Tiaras

Headbands and tiaras are again very popular amongst brides. We are seeing headbands paired with styles that are large and blown out. Often, these hairstyles are curled, voluminous, and very large. If not large at the roots, (think hair piled on top of the head) then these hairstyles are large near the ends of the hair. Tiaras are being paired most often with sleeked back and modern looking hairdos. The tiara featured below belongs to Ivory & Co, available from Fairytale Brides.


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Plain Jane

Wanting something that is romantic, feminine, and not overbearing? Then try a demure down hairdo. Many brides have been sporting looks that are simple wavy hairstyles. These styles might be teased to create volume, or appear very natural when it comes to volume. A bit of frizz is welcomed, here. If not wavy, then we are seeing these hairstyles slicked back and very straight. The faux bob, a bit curled or wavy, is also a fantastic style that is hot this year. You can accessorize these looks with hairclips, flowers, metallic elements, pearls, or even a headband. We love that they scream natural beauty on your wedding day.

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The Bouffant is Back!

How many of us have wished that we could have huge hair of yesteryear on our wedding day? Well, stop dreaming! The bouffant is back in style in a big way. Mostly, we have seen this style paired with a ponytail. The ponytail, whether at the nape of the neck or just at the back of the head, is just an afterthought, here. For a more dramatic look, think about swooping some hair about the front to frame your face. If you hair is shorter, opt for a style that looks almost like a half beehive.

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Bodacious Buns

No, we do not mean your buns! We mean buns on the top or back of your head. Buns have always been a very popular wedding hairstyle. They are simple to do, but unspeakably elegant. Brides seem to be loving buns at the back of the neck that are slightly sloppy, or even have a wet look. Ballerina buns, at the very back or piled on the top of the head with slick hair in front, are also very popular. For those with hair that is too short, simply create a small hair knot on the back of the head and add a simple headband.

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Cool and Sleek

As a contract to all the huge hair we are seeing at weddings this season, there is also a tendency, on the other hand, to go ultra-sleek. Sleek hairstyles can be up ‘dos or down ‘dos. The sleek look has been seen as part of buns, beehives, bouffant hairstyles, ponytails, French chignons, or even looks with accessories. We love sleek hairstyles because they are thoroughly modern and a bit edgy. Softer hairstyles seem more classic, bohemian, or romantic. Keep these guidelines in mind when you are planning your overall wedding look.

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