Many little girls dream of their wedding day way before Prince Charming comes along. The one detail of their wedding most girls obsess over is their wedding dress. Wedding dresses are beautiful and they can make any woman feel like a princess. Not all wedding dresses look the same, but some are more iconic than others. Before you choose the perfect wedding dress for your special day you may want to remind yourself of some of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time. These are the styles that stick out the most and the images that come to mind when you think of wedding dresses.

Here are some of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time:

Kate Middleton

She may be a real life princess, but she had a dress was envied by all. The long sleeved wedding dress that Kate wore when she wed Prince William is a wedding dress that has become iconic in just a few short years. Sarah Burton designed this dress and it has inspired the design of so many more. After Kate wore this dress, all you could find were long sleeved imitations. A plunging neckline is what set this dress apart and made it a bit more edgy than the others. This is a dress that will always come to mind when you think of the most iconic wedding gowns.

Jackie O

One of the most stylish first ladies ever Jackie O wore a ball gown wedding dress that had a huge train. This is the dress that started the trend of long trains in wedding gowns. The wedding dresses that you see today from designers such as David Tutera that are big and dramatic were inspired by this gown. More than 50 feet of silk was used to make this dress. She might have been a tiny woman, but this was a very big dress that stood out and got attention. It is still an iconic wedding dress even all of these years later.

Olivia Palmero

She is known for being a fashionista and she wore a dress that shook up the fashion world when she got married. Her wedding dress was very different from the rest. It was a three-piece dress that created a very chic look. It had a plain top with a short skirt featuring embellishment and white shorts underneath. This dress is iconic because it is so different and unique. It is not what you think of when you imagine a traditional wedding dress, but this is exactly why this dress is so iconic.

Kate Moss

If you have a style dream, it is sure to feature Kate Moss. She is the super model that many girls envy, but it is her sheer wedding gown that sticks out the most out of all the looks that she has worn through the years. Her wedding dress was champagne color and sheer. This created a stunning look that was very sexy and bold and her wedding dress stood out for all the right reasons. You might think that you have to create a classic look on your wedding day, but this is not the case at all, if you are looking for global glamour and impeccable style designers such as Martina Liana can help you make that statement.

Grace Kelly

If there were one wedding look that was more regal than the rest, it would be Grace Kelly. She wore a wedding dress that is iconic because it is the style of dress that comes to mind when you envision a royal wedding. Her lace gown was elegant and classic, which is the look that many brides are looking to create on their wedding day. This is a dress that featured a lot of tulle, which started the trend of tulle in the design of wedding gowns. We really do have Grace Kelly to thank for the tulle wedding dress trend that has taken over since.

Audrey Hepburn

It is impossible to have a list of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time and not include the wedding gown of Audrey Hepburn. Not only is she known for the wedding gown that she wore in the movie Fancy Face, but the gown that she wore to her real wedding is the dress that is the most iconic. It featured a high neck and ball gown sleeves that were paired with white long gloves that reached the elbows. The result was a wedding look that was chic and elegant in the best possible way. This is a dress that comes to mind when you think of the most classic gowns that are timeless stylish.

All of these iconic wedding looks can be recreated with the right dress, if you have a style or look you wish too replicate or pay homage to on your wedding day the team at Fairytale Brides are waiting to help you put together your iconic wedding look.