Your wedding day is something that you will remember forever, which means that you want to make every moment and every detail memorable.  One of the most popular options for brides planning a wedding is to opt for a destination wedding.  This allows you to create a wedding that is luxurious and exotic. Choosing just the right dress for a destination wedding can be complicated. When you are planning a wedding abroad, you have to be careful to select just the right dress to go with the destination wedding that you plan.

Here are some tips that will be most helpful when you are choosing a dress for a destination wedding:

Consider the Weather

When you are planning a destination wedding, you will most likely take advantage of the sunny weather. This means that you might be getting married on the beach at sunset or under the stars. No matter where you plan your destination wedding, you need to carefully consider the weather when you are choosing a dress. You not only want to look stunning in your wedding photos, but you also want to feel comfortable when you are exchanging your vows. This means that you need to choose a wedding dress that is made of material that is suitable for the climate of the location that you choose for your destination wedding. Many of the top wedding dress designers make dresses that are in a variety of different materials depending on the type of look and function you are searching for from your wedding dress. Breathable fabrics like silk and delicate lace are great for destination wedding dresses.


Matina Liana 794 model back


How Will It Travel?

One concern you might not have thought about in regards to your wedding dress is how it will travel. If you are planning a destination wedding, you will have to pack your dress and bring it along to your destination wedding location.  This can be troublesome if you choose a dress that is made from fabric that wrinkles easily.  In many cases, you might have to make special arrangements for the travel of your dress since it likely won’t fit in your suitcase! Just be sure that you choose a dress that will travel easily and will look amazing when you finally arrive at your wedding location.

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Making The Most Of Your Location

Another consideration when choosing your wedding dress is to consider the activities and location of your wedding day. You may be going for a beach wedding and wanting photos of you and the wedding party dipping your toes in the sea, or maybe your location is more rural and you plan on getting your wellies on whilst you stroll through beautiful woodlands. Choosing a dress that won’t restrict your ability to fully enjoy all that your beautiful location has to offer is key.


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If your are wanting some expert advice on choosing the perfect wedding dress Fairytale Brides are ready to assist you in finding your ideal dress for your dream destination wedding.