One of the main ways that celebrities and influencers engage with their followers is by letting them into their life through a Youtube series. It’s a smart strategy for celebrities to showcase aspects of their personality that might not be obvious or on display often and allow fans and consumers to engage more with an influencer and/or company. More companies are trying to find innovative and authentic ways to connect with their customer base, to ensure that brand interest steadily grows. There are many instances where this decision has allowed their respective brands and companies to grow exponentially. The latest individual to make the leap into Youtube content creation is Hayley Paige, known as a distinguished wedding dress designer. For those who are unaware, Paige is an entrepreneur with multiple companies under JLM Couture, Inc, a multi-label bridal house that has grown tremendously in recent years.blush_hayley_paige_smith


Hayley Paige already has a substantial Instagram following of over 800,000 followers, and there is no doubt that many of these followers will be tuning into the new show. The Youtube series is titled Just Got Paiged and will offer insight into Hayley’s daily life. The series is said to be “diary style”, which should give fans of Hayley Paige more perspective on her personal and professional life. This might include footage of Hayley’s daily routine, as well as useful tips for newlyweds or women who simply want tips about luxury wedding gowns in general. There will also be “behind the scenes” looks at the entrepreneur’s creative process, as well. Hayley Paige has designed bridal dresses for various celebrities, and for the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress. The success of this show even led to Hayley Paige’s own spinoff show entitled Hayley Ever After. The Youtube series will undoubtedly show off some of the most exclusive wedding dresses that Hayley Paige has to offer.



Hayley Paige recently made headlines due to the fact that she is designing a custom dress for Lauren Burnham. For those who might be unaware, Burnham is marrying Arie Luyendyk Jr., a Dutch-born American auto racing driver. Their courtship was documented on the hit reality TV show The Bachelor, and the couple is also expecting their first child. Their upcoming marriage will have a “fairy tale” theme, and Hayley Paige has reportedly claimed that the dress will be “one of a kind”. According to Burnham, the dress will have a “princess vibe”, and will be elegant without being overstated, as well.