There are lots of bridal accessory brands out there. But finding the right bridal accessories for your wedding can be tough. It can depend on your dress style, the overall tone of your ceremony, your hairstyle, and much more. Here at Fairytale Brides we will tell you about the best bridal accessory brands available today.

Rainbow Club Shoes and Veils

wedding shoes by rainbow club

Rainbow Club is an accessory design company that prides themselves on creating fantastic bridal shoes, veils, and more. Here, you will find shoes to match any wedding dress style, or wedding colour scheme. No matter if you are looking for pumps, sling backs, or even platform sandals, Rainbow Club has got a pair for every style and personal preference. We especially love their shoes that feature lace and metallic fabric.

Benjamin Adams Shoes

Shoes by Benjamin Adams

Want shoes with a little more bling? If so, then check out Benjamin Adams. This designer features fantastic beading, crystal accents, and/or sequin work on nearly every pair of their wedding shoes. What this London designer does not offer in colour choices (you will mostly find cream, white, blush, or gold), is more than made up for by the sheer beauty of these shoes. Just one look at the collection and you will instantly see what we mean.

Halo & Co Tiaras

Bridal Tiara by Halo & Co

Tiaras seem to be all the rage amongst brides this year. And no tiara designer is quite as popular as Halo & Co. Each of their tiaras and headbands are carefully crafted from sparkling Swarovski Crystals. Many of these designs also feature gorgeous Japanese pearls. So many of the designs in the latest Halo & Co line are inspired by vintage looks. We especially love the fantastic nature references to flowers in bloom that are incorporated into so many of their overall tiara styles, as well. In addition to headbands and tiaras, Halo & Co also offers sidepieces and bridal combs.

Ivory & Co Jewellery

Side Headpiece by Ivory & Co

Another fantastic designer who often works with crystals and pearls is that of Ivory & Co. When it comes to jewellery for your big day, they should be a name that you think of, first. Check out Ivory & Co for necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and even jewellery sets. One of our favourite recent collections from them features styles and designs inspired by the roaring 20s. If you want modern jewellery with a touch of vintage flair, then Ivory & Co is most likely your best bet.

Rhapsody Tiaras

Rhapsody Tiara

Looking for something that is a bit simpler, but just as sparkly? Then we suggest Rhapsody Tiaras. Rhapsody concentrate on an exclusive range of tiara designs, with each of their products exquisite in detail. We think that these are the best bet for brides who want to wear a tiara along with a more traditional bridal hairstyle. If you want a tiara in which the classical bridal look and modern style truly intersect, then you want a tiara from Rhapsody.

Elizabeth Dickens Veils

Elizabeth Dickens Veils

Seeking a luxurious, long, flowing veil? Elizabeth Dickens veils is the designer to shop. Especially if you are seeking a traditional veil above everything else. Their veils edged in lace are fantastic. Elizabeth Dickens feature many unique touches to each of the designs. Beading, crystals, lace, and embroidery all add to the overall look of each of these designs. No matter what you have been dreaming of in a veil, you are sure to find it with Elizabeth Dickens.

Where to Find These Brands and More

Interested in shopping the best bridal accessory brands, like the ones we have detailed above? If so, then visit us at Fairytale Brides. We understand just how important fantastic accessories can be for your overall look on your wedding day. We also have a deep knowledge of what each of these designers offer in their lines as well as previous collections and next seasons look. Get in touch today to find your perfect wedding accessories.