Ian Stuart has indeed outdone the imaginings of even a fairytale princess as a child. Once you see these 28 gowns, you will never see wedding dresses the same again. It’s a bit like seeing the Mona Lisa in person; not at all what you expected, but the benchmark for all future portrait viewings.  For brides looking to change the way guests will judge a wedding forever, “Frill-Me” is how to do it.  Brides planning a themed wedding have over two dozen stunning, and original gowns to select from. From American Antebellum Hoop-like skirts, to 1950s Bombshell three-quarter skirts, “Frill-Me” works.  Here are some ideas about how these gowns may be worn for particular themes.


A Timeless Fairytale Themes:

Not every theme has to be aligned with an historical era. Ian Stuarts’ Gainsborough, is the outlier choice of the entire collection for this type of nuptial. This gown is more than stellar and it singlehandedly could carry a Royal Wedding from any girl’s imagination.

Gainsborough wedding dress by Ian Stuart

Gainsborough’s off-the-shoulder fitted bodice is just long enough to accentuate the typical “princess” hourglass figure, but not so long as to awaken anyone from the fantasy. This is one of many Ian Stuart subtleties that bring genius to the design of this collection. As the uber-full skirt begins its descent from the bride’s delicate waist, it drapes itself whimsically to the floor, where much remains mysterious. Fluttering and uneven gathers, crested with brazen silk flowers maintain the eye’s attention and sing praises to a timeless eternal now. The contrasting semi-tight bodice with a loose and silky skirt is breathtaking and whisks everyone out of today to an everlasting nano-second. It is impossible for any bride to make a mistake in selecting this gown for her very own princess wedding.

Cuvee Rose

Cuvee Rose wedding dress by Ian Stuart

Another candidate for a timeless fairytale wedding is the Cuveé Rosé. This gown suggests innocence more surely than the Gainsborough and it has a jeune fille feel that evokes feelings of anticipation and rites of passage. With a softer, delicately draping and flowing skirt, any bride will look and feel swept away. Loosely gathered and topped with misty silk flowers, this hoop-like skirt provides mystique and excess fabric for a just-barely rumpled look. This coupled with a tight bodice and a princess neckline, adds to magical timelessness any bride will embrace. Because the bodice is symmetrically gathered and pinned together in the centre, the skirt distances itself and seems to float on its own.  An ethereal-type theme will go well with this gown as will the colours of pink, white or ivory.

Petal Privee

Petal Privee wedding dress by Ian Stuart

A timeless themes allow for entry into the unusual and the dress for this is Petal Privee. Brides who want to be married in an almost costume-like gown will find this revolutionary and engaging.  Ian Stuart is remarkably creative at finding new ways for a princess neckline to morph into delicate, flowing skirts. He does this by using faint sheers of tulle, layered impeccably with a collection of “petals” that tessellate down from the lower back and hover dramatically over the tulle fabric “river” below.  These lace “petals” continue around the lower waist, taking an asymmetrical route to close the circle on the opposite side of the waist, making a full circle of enchanted forest-like petals.

Fairytale Weddings are entirely possible with these gowns from the Ian Stuart “Frill-Me” Collection. Extend the theme into décor, food and flowers and a bride can set the stage for an over-the-top, outside-the-box classically themed wedding.