Choosing the right wedding venue can be a huge task. So how can you make your big day just what you have always dreamt of? Here, we will let you in on a few things to consider when you are choosing your wedding venue. We will provide a short list of questions to ask any venues you are considering. Lastly, we will also give you a few helpful tips for making your big day great.

What to Decide, First

Before you start looking for a venue, think about your ceremony. Do you plan on having a formal wedding and reception? Or are you leaning toward something a bit more relaxed? Thinking of having something that incorporates religious tradition, or is totally humanist? You should decide what sort of feel best suits your wishes, as well as something that will keep your guests comfortable. Keep these decisions in mind while you look for venues. For instance, if incorporating a particular religious tradition, you may opt for a church for your ceremony. If wanting something relaxed, you may want to do an outdoor ceremony and reception.

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Some venues may offer wedding packages. Stately homes such as Colshaw Hall, historical buildings such as Peckforton Castle, or even some hotels offer packages just for weddings. These can be very simple or include everything for you and your guests. We recommend these sorts of deals for those who are looking to have a very easy time planning their wedding. They are also great for those who want a more traditional ceremony, reception, and overall feel. 

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Budgets can often be a huge concern for those putting together a wedding ceremony. Many who opt for a none traditional weddings may go for an outdoor setting for their ceremonies and receptions, for example a Tipi or Marquee. These style of venues take advantage of outdoor beauty and natural space. They can also be quite a bit cheaper than traditional venues. With either a marquis or a tipi, you can plan the majority of all the smaller wedding details yourself. Although this may take considerable time and effort on your part.

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What if you want a physical venue, but you would like to save on overall costs? A more traditional venue or option may be either a barn such as Bury Court Barn or village hall. Venues like barns or village halls are work out better for your budget than state homes or historical buildings. 

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Easy Reception

The reception is, for many couples, just as important as the overall ceremony. So why not consider a modern alternative to the usual such as your favourite bar or restaurant. This adds a touch of personality and  it can be very convenient if you are planning on having a wedding in an urban area. Instead of worrying over the food, music, and drink at your reception, let someone else do it. 

Questions to Ask Possible Venues

When you are in the market for venues here are a few basic questions to ask:

  • Are there any quiet hours (hours when music is not allowed) at the venue?
  • Does the venue allow for alcohol to be served there? If so, do you have to purchase your alcohol from the venue or can you bring your own?
  • Are open flames, like those found on candles indoors or those on torches outdoors, allowed?
  • Are any sort of decorations or confetti not allowed at the venue?
  • Are packages all inclusive or are add on’s to be expected?
  • Are bespoke options available?
  • Does the venue have a late licence?

The venue should be every bit the dream each bride expects. Spending time visiting your potential venues and conducting some research will help make your wedding day, the best day of your life.