Bridal Trends 2014

The past few years have been dominated by strong bridal trends within the wedding indrustry.  With a royal wedding and theatrical master pieces steering the taste of design, we have seen a boom in the use of intricate lace and bejewelled wonders, the likes of which have not been seen since the early 1900’s.  However 2014 is the start of something much more modern and unique in terms of trend setting.  What we have seen from the Spring runways, is focal point detailed. Designers are infatuated with the idea of extenuating the back of a dress with never before seen designs.  Contrasting fabrics and waterfall effects have featured on the Spring Bridal catwalks but the twist remains in the simplistic nature of the overall dress design.  Designers are gradually moving away from all over decadence to a reinvention of clean lines and uninterrupted fabrics which flow effortlessly over the body.

Focus is Key

Focal point detail allow for individual style to once again take rein. Where we have seen past creations lovingly adored with exceptional detail, the move to a sleek, modern look allows a bride a better choice of style decision.  Accessories will be high on a brides wish list in 2014 to give a little extra sparkle to a modern look.  Whereas the design focus is larger on the back of the latest wedding dresses in 2014, brides will be looking to ‘add’ a personal touch to hair and neckline’s to create a bridal look which is truly individual.