Fashion is something that is constantly evolving and changing. Trying to stay up dated on the hottest fashion trends is not always easy, but if you are a soon to be bride, it is a must. If you are walking down the aisle in the year to come it is time to discover the top bridal trends for Spring 2017.  The prime wedding season is a lot closer than you realise. If you are having a Spring 2017 wedding, you need to be sure that the wedding dress that you choose will be highly fashionable and incorporate some of the latest fashion trends into the design.

Traditional With a Twist

The one thing that we know for sure about the top bridal trends for Spring 2017 is that they are nothing that we have seen before. This means that they might be traditional in theory, but they also feature something that makes them stand out and be noticed. Now you can have a wedding dress that is somewhat traditional, but also unique enough just for you. Some of the top bridal trends for 2017 might seem a little daring and might not be what Grandma had in mind, but they might be worth a look.


Here are some of the biggest bridal trends for Spring 2017:


You might think that white is the only colour you will be looking at when you choose a wedding dress, but pink is one of the top bridal trends for this upcoming spring wedding season. Having a wedding dress that is entirely in pink is not the trend, but having a wedding dress that has some pink detailing is quite trendy. Pink is the non-white bridal colour of the season and having a layered look that features both ivory and pink at the train allows for a classic look that is still fashionable and stunning all on its own. This means that if you really want to make a fashion statement with your wedding dress, you can add a pop of colour into the design of the dress.

Essense of Australia D1604 designer wedding dress

Take the Plunge

You are already going to make a commitment of your life, why not also take a plunge when it comes to your neckline? A deep plunging neckline is another popular trend for bridal season 2017. This allows for a sexier bridal look that allows you to show off your cleavage. If you want your groom to be captivated as you make your way down the aisle, you might want to look for a wedding dress that feature a plunging neckline. You can go discrete to pelvis deep depending on how dramatic you want your bridal look to be.

Matina Liana 648 back


If you are looking for a dress that will be captivating to the eye, it might be a good idea to try out a dress that features the popular sheer trend. This is a spring bridal trend for 2017 that is causing a lot of buzz. Having a wedding dress that features sheer elements will really stun and will look amazing as you are coming down the aisle. It will almost give the illusion that the skirt of your dress is floating. This is a bridal trend that is really unique, but brides of all shapes and sizes can really pull off this one of a kind sheer look.

Hayley Paige Elysia Front Detail

Train and Veil

Having a wedding dress that features both a train and a veil is very traditional and there was a time when this was a thing of the past, but it is making a major comeback. One of the top bridal trends for Spring 2017 is to have a dress that features a long train and is paired with a traditional veil. These are two classic elements that can make any style of wedding dress seem a lot more traditional than it actually is.


Cape it Up

Wearing a cape on your wedding day is another fashion trend that is taking over more than just the runway. This is a bridal look that is distinguished and elegant. Capes offer a really unique bridal look that really is stunning when paired with embellishments on the dress. This means that you can wear a form fitting wedding gown that features a flowing cape at the top. This is a top fashion trend and is a look that is very dramatic, perfect for the any fashionista bride who is looking to turn the wedding aisle into a fashion runway.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.02.38

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