These wedding dresses, worn by some of the most influential women in history, set the trends for years to come.

Jackie Kennedy’s Dress (1953)

To the surprise of no one, Jackie Kennedy – one of the most renowned global fashion icons of all time – is the first on this list. The ivory silk taffeta dress, created by talented African American designer Anne Lowe, not only became THE wedding look of the 50’s and 60s but also set the trend for off the shoulder sleeves that have stayed in fashion for decades now.

Ironically, Jackie herself wasn’t very fond of the dress, referring to it as “lampshade” later.


Princess Diana’s Dress (1981)

By the time the wedding commenced, Lady Di was already a style icon whose every fashion choice was analyzed under a magnifying glass. So, David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, had their work cut out for them.

Safe to say they succeeded, since this ivory silk taffeta dress, adorned with pearls, lace, embroidery, and a 25-foot train, still influences wedding dress designs today.


Grace Kelly’s Dress (1956)

Kelly’s dress was designed by Helen Rose – an Academy Award-winning costume designer. Her 25-yard silk taffeta and lace gown boasted hundreds of seed pearls (hand sown, of course). The dress has since influenced multiple wedding designs across the world – including The Duchess of Cambridge’s (iconic in its own right).


Audrey Hepburn’s Dress (1969)

This pale pink mini-dress, designed by Givenchy, broke every single rule – and inspired a following. It was probably one of the first times pink was introduced as an acceptable color to get married in (in a short number, no less!). Hepburn worked on this design together with Givenchy and it’s safe to say she paved a way for new bridal fashion culture.


Bianca Jagger’s Suit (1971)

No list of iconic wedding looks would be complete without this one. Bianca Jagger’s YSL suit was an utterly rebellious choice – but one that started a new trend of two-piece wedding looks, still popular (and somewhat controversial) to this day.


Have you decided what your iconic bridal look will be?