It’s not only fashion and style that are expected to change in 2016 – even bridal bouquets are set to follow new trends this year. The bridal bouquet is more than just a pretty little bunch of flowers brides clutch on to as they walk down the aisle in their dream Fairytale Brides wedding dress; they’re a reflection of the detail and effort that went into planning the whole wedding. Bridal bouquet styles have changed immensely through the years, these top trends are expected to take center stage in 2016.

Sweet Succulents

Gone are the days when bridal bouquets were completely crafted with flowers and leaves. This year, succulents are breaking into the scene. What are succulents exactly? A close relative of the cactus, succulents are plants that thrive in hot weather and have thick, water-filled leaves. Think cactus minus the little pins and needles. Succulents come in a variety of colours, from luscious dark reds to pretty pale greens; these plants are becoming a favourite among brides-to-be.,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNFoNAb2yFmaEGCoucmB-EHOPkd9OQ&ust=1453925902883044

Naturally Nude

Back in the day, the more colours your bouquet had, the prettier it was. But all that is about to change this year. According to Kate Ward, a popular florist, more and more brides are seeking out flowers that don’t scream with colour but rather, simply blend in with the dress and compliment the attention to detail of collections such as Essense of Australia . Nude colours bring out a sense of elegance and sophistication that loud, vibrant tones just might not be capable of doing.


Freshly Picked

Structured and carefully arranged bridal bouquets are set to take the back seat this year. Brides are becoming pickier with how their bouquets are arranged. These days, they want their flowers to look as though they were just picked from the fields. Yes, no arrangement, no structure – just beautifully natural flowers that dangle and grow in every direction.

Keep the Leaves

Bridal bouquets in the past had to have the leaves completely cut out to highlight all the flowers, but this year, leaves are becoming a mainstay in many bouquet arrangements. Brides want their bouquets to have leaves – and lots of them! Flowers with big, beautiful, thick leaves are becoming more and more popular among brides allowing leaves to take front and center in many arrangements.

Bigger is Better

Yes, women want it big. This trend has seen a steady climb in the past year and is expected to continue rising throughout the coming year. Big bouquets allow for more flowers and make a bride walking down the aisle look even more stunning.  Flamboyant wedding dress collections such as Ian Stuart lend themselves to a bigger bouquet.  So yes, pile on the flowers. Bigger is better.